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Mid Michigan Dog Boarding
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Dog Boarding in Our Mid Michigan Home - Not a Cage

Dog boarding does not need to involve a cage.  Board your dog in our home and he will
live with us as a member of our family.  We love dogs.  He will get plenty of attention and
free reign of our house.  We have a large fenced in yard and live on a lake so if your dog
likes to swim, he will be in for a treat!

Click Here to See an Aerial View Our Home & Yard, Courtesy of Bing

Basic Information:

  • We are located in Flint, Michigan.  ZIP Code 48506.
  • We Charge $20 a Day for the First Dog.  $10 per Day for Each Additional Dog.
  • We are a couple in our 40's, no children live in the house.
  • You bring your dog(s), food, toys, blankets, medicine, etc.
  • We do have jobs, so there will be times when your dog is alone in the house.
  • We have a cat, and we are quite fond of him.
We made this short film of a few of the dogs that have come to stay with us.  It will give you
an idea what to expect should you decide to leave your dog with us.
Things to Consider:

  • This is our house, so we can only accept a few dogs at a time, maximum.

  • Keep in mind it is possible there might be another dog guest here.  So if your dog
    does not work and play well with others, this is something we need to discuss before

  • As you can see in the video, our cat likes to be in the middle of things & seems to
    like dogs, but he has no front claws.  He doesn't stand a chance against a
    determined cat killer.  If this is your dog, we are sorry, but you will have to look else

  • Again - we have to go to work.  There are going to be times when the dog will be
    alone in the house.

  • Yes, the yard is fenced in.  But no fence is going to keep in a dog that is
    determined to get out.  That's one of the reasons the dog will be in the house while
    we are away.  When they are out in the yard, we keep an eye on them.  It is strongly
    encouraged that your dog has identification tags.

  • We have a pontoon boat & the dogs are always invited aboard.  If this is something
    you would prefer we don't do - please tell us in advance.